Sunday, January 14, 2007

Toddler Mania

This is my second attempt at one of my favorite challenges, Toddler Mania. Why is it one of my favorites? 1. It's the first one I actually finished, because it's really short. 2. Cause it's dang hard. I'm an avid sim reproducer, but this one still vexes me, even after more than 2 years playing the game. This isn't a story, per say but rather an account of what happened.

Oh look we have sim me in here. I wonder how well she will do. Hehe. The tots are named after my cousins, except Ian, that's my brother's name. What can I do, I only have 6 cousins?

Here's our toddler rearing institution. We have the adult bedroom in one corner and three separate toddler room on one side and four on the other. We also have a sunken bathroom to keep the tots out of the toilet, although that tub down there was a bad idea. In the main living area it alternates between a toy and a potty so there is never too far to walk. there are also 4 trash compactors right there for easy disposal. We also have a kitchen in the middle, not that it gets used much beyond getting bottles. Finally you see those two chairs in the far back corner? Those are supposed to be for the nannies to sit down and maybe nap, but they got used. Now let's meet the inmates, I mean family. The Kaufman's.

Hi there Rachel!
Rachel: What's going on? Where's my family?
Ahh, you have a new family for a couple days. You have to raise these 7 toddlers the best you can. Try to help them learn as much as possible, don't let them be taken by the social worker, and um, don't die.
Rachel: What do you mean don't die?
This is very taxing. You're gonna be exhausted and hungry. You won't be able to meet all the tots needs and all your own. Just make sure you eat and get some sleep since I, like a fool, opted to not get the energizing painting. I so will next time.
Rachel: Next time?
Don't worry, I'll pick someone else next time. Let's meet the kids.

Rachel: My they sure are cute. They look a lot like my other kids.
That's cause they were made genetically from you.
Rachel: Well my kids are easy to raise. This won't be too hard.

They are swarming like bees! But at least they are happy bees cause I bought them toys.

And they're off!

Now this is a scary site.
Rachel: Hum, who should I potty train first. Wait where's my smart milk and thinking cap?
You need to earn those before you can use them. I changed your aspiration to Family for this but yet you don't have any wants in regard to your kids. Darn it!

Way to go Katie!
Rachel: Things are going really well so far.
Yeah, so far.

Nicole went out to hug this neighborhood doggie...

And promptly passed out. Darn it first point lost!
Rachel: Umm, I'm a little worried about Nicole, passing out like this.
Well get ready to worry a whole lot more.

Next we find out why the bath tub in the sunken bathroom was a bad idea. The stupid nanny gave him a bath and then left him down there. More points gone.

Rachel: I need some fun. I think I'll toss Katie in the air.
Katie: *Gross barfing sounds*
Another bad choice. Rachel never gets a bath for the rest of the challenge. Yeah, seriously.

Rachel: Emily go potty for Rachie. Man! This is so Hard!

And poor Nicole is waiting for someone to let her out of the crib. Where's the nanny?

Well at least she got me a point by peeing on herself.

Nicole and Ian build up social with the doll house. A definitely must since Rachel can't keep everyone's up.

Looks like we have another nanny here. Doing a stellar job.
Rachel: They are pretty useless. They are supposed to be putting the tots to bed and getting them up and all they do is bring one bottle after another.

Rachel: Crap, 3 more tots passed out.
I hate to break it to you, but I don't have pictures of all the pass outs. this would be really long if I did. Isn't there something you should be taking care of?

So close.

Well looks like she found some snuggling time. Gotta keep these tots in the green at least.

Cooper if you're hungry you should have one of the bazzilon bottles the nanny brought out not the Ken doll.

Ut-oh, this was a big one. -5 points for the parent passing out.
Rachel: I was trying not to die. See the cereal?
Yeah, I know. Great job not dying!!!

Yeah, I knew the nightmares would be coming.

This was just funny. THe floating head to select something has the Ken doll in his mouth! Hehe.

Showing off the mess.

More of the mess and look at Katie's plumbob. She's not happy.

Rachel: Aww man!
Sorry, you needed your sleep, I couldn't have you passing out again.
Rachel: But I only slept for an hour.
What do you expect? You're raising 7 toddlers!

Speaking of sleeping, we have a passed out nanny in the kitchen. Thank goodness that doesn't cost me points.

And we're already to the everyone's birthday is just a day away. Snuggle Nicole and get her to child.
Rachel: But then she'll be older than her siblings?
Yeah but 6 toddlers are easier than 7.

She also had 2 skill points. She didn't learn any of her toddler skills.

Now she can help out around the house.

Rachel: Wait another one?
Yeah 5 is easier than 6.

Nice work Cooper, 3 skills! He didn't learn any toddler skills either.

I think this cleaning is going to take awhile.

Shhh, everyone is sleeping for the very first time, even the nanny. I'm sure this won't last long.

Morning folks.

Some more play time.

Katie's plumbob is no longer bright red! Quick grow her up before it goes back!

2 Skills again, but she grew up well, I had my doubts. No toddler skills learned here either.

3 skills for Natalie! No toddler skills either.

Ian did well too. 2 skills, no toddler skills.

Jack grew up on his own at about 8PM the next day. Way to go little man, 4 skills!!! No toddler skills though.

One last snuggle for good measure.

2 skills, no toddler skills.

The clean up continues.

Well Rachel, you survived.
Rachel: Barely.
Yeah, but you did. You're free and the kids are all aged up to teens and added into the Prosperity Point townie pool!

Let's look at points:


1. +3 points for each toddler skill (potty, walk, talk) each toddler learns (max 63 pts) 0
2. +3 points for each toddler that grows up well (determined by the memories of the parent)
21 (they all did)
3. +1/2 point for each skill point earned by all toddlers 8 (16 skills)
4. +3 points for each toddler that ages to child in platinum (stacks with growing up well) 0
5. -2 points for each use of the Energizer painting 0
6. -2 points each time you hire a nanny -10 (5 nannies)
7. +1 point each time a nanny pees herself 7 (peeing 7 times)
8. -5 points each time your parent passes out from exhaustion -10 (passed out twice)
9. -5 points for each visit from the Sim Therapist 0
10. -1 point for each baby bottle you delete from buy mode 0
11. -5 points if you use moveobjects to move any sim for any reason 0

Basic Scorring Total 16


1. -1 point for each toddler that passes out on the floor -50 (no joke)
2. -1 point for each diaper changed -8 (but it might have actually been more)
3. -1 point for each social worker warning message you get 0 (I had 3 warning last time, so I did better there.

Total with Advance Scoring -42


biatchymissy said...

OMG that would be such a hard challenge for me as I am not the maternal sort in RL or the sims :( But it was very funny reading your blig. Way to go on giving it another go

Bubbs said...

OMG!! This was great! I loved it! Poor girl was dying there, huh? LOL!!!

QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow, what a scary challenge! You are a far braver simmer than I am (excuse the "special" grammer).

Lots of babies fainting! Wow.

Great job of course

My Boaz's Ruth said...

i'd ignore Advanced Scoring.

Good job finishing

Alexis said...

Wow that looks hard. I think I might have to give it a go. You did great though! I don't think I'll be able to compare!

Twoyys4me said...

LOL.. what a fun challenge! Not for your Simself obviously..:)
But at least they all remained in the house and grew up well!

Beans said...

this was too funny! I've got to try this one out. hehe! Kudos for surviving it all ;)

ruby said...

Holy Moly you rock!
I don't know if I could do this. I may have to give it a go now that I've seen how great you did.
Woman, I am so impressed! And I loved each of the toddlers having different custom skins, nice touch!

Shaunna said...

Really cute toddlers! And you get us all infected with the itch to play this challenge. Might have to give it a go myself!

Good one!

Rileyjcquinn said...


Fishdog said...

OMG i tried this callenge a couple of times and only recently have succeded! There are so many points when you are just about to lose :)


Kat B. said...

lol! That was excellent. I love how all the kids are so colourful. You are a far more patient simmer than I. Well done.