Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Please be advised if you haven't done this challenge and are planning on trying it you might want to wait to read this until after you give it a shot yourself first. I have a lot of tips in this blog and I think half the fun is the utter chaos the first time you try it. So try it and then come back to read this or not, it's your choice really. That being said meet the Robins family.

Ahh, it's the famous Quavi Robins from Prosperity Falls! (written by ASimWen) He should be happy with 7 kids to carry on the mission. The kids are named after my aunts and uncles and my one remaining grandmother (Mary), yep, only 3 aunts and 3 uncles. They were made from Quavi and a female just the skin tones and hair were changed. Mary is the aged down mother.

Here is the remodeled Toddler raising institution. As you can see the house has been downsized, as was the parent room, the toddler rooms flipped to the inner wall and toys and potties next to each room. There are also doors from outside near each toddler room for quicker entry. Each toddler was assigned a room and thus a set of potties and a charisma bunny. The only change I would make now is have both potties and the bunny in the toddler rooms (extend the walls out) cause Quavi complained a lot about the mess in the large rooms. All right time to talk to the "lucky" *snicker* father.

Hey Quavi!
Quavi: What is going on? Why have I been brought here? Why am I wearing this abomination? Why do I suddenly crave money?
Hey, I made that sweatshirt! I thought this would further your mission of spreading your DNA all over earth, so what better way than to have 7 toddlers? The money thing? Well, you have a lot, so I'm hoping that you're wants will be for buying stuff.
Quavi: I see. Well, it helps the mission, so I will participate.
*snickers* like he had a choice.
Quavi: What?
Oh nothing, let's get a move on.

Once again, they're off. You'll notice they are all heading in a little different direction, that's cause of the multiple doors into the house.

Our first toddler is Mary. Do you know who she is yet?

And what's this Quavi (as a fortune sim) has a want to read to Mary? Great!

And the potty training begins!

Next it's Brad.

No way, Quavi wanted to read to Brad too!?!? Awesome!

And oh crap, I forgot the get a close up of Brian! Grrr, but wait another reading to his child want! This is not going how I expected but it is going well!

And as we pull back we see Brad using the potty. Wait, what? Is he ALREADY potty trained? Nope,*ALERT* tip coming, have the adult begin to potty trained the toddler. Once the learning bar appears but before the parent finishes turning around x out of the potty training. The toddler will continue to learn but the parent is free to go about his business. This is something I have only done in this challenge. It's a valuable time saver for this challenge. *End Alert* Ut-Oh we need to get everyone else before they soil their diapers.

Unbelievable, yet another want to read to one of his children! A family sim never rolls a single want regarding her children, now this, odd. Must want to tell them about the mission.

Things are getting a little out of hand.
Quavi: Yes, I require your assistance in rearing these miniature beings!

Run Quavi run!!! He ran everywhere, literally!

Wait is this the same nanny that was here peeing herself last time? She's putting Timi in the crib. In fact she did a decent job.

I guess Quavi didn't run fast enough for this one. Oh well, just one dirty diaper so far.

This is cute, me thinks. *ALERT* tip coming, whenever it was time for a tot to eat they would crawl to the kitchen. Meanwhile Quavi would run in and get them a bottle. Saved valuable parent time and none the stomping when they can't give it to the tot right away. *End Alert*

*ALERT* tip coming, This is my biggest tip. Quavi would empty the potties, not to the toilet or trash compacter but to the floor. Enter the maid...

*ALERT* tip continues, he would o around picking up pile upon pile of "trash". I wasn't expecting it to work as well as it did. I did try to wait until just before the maid arrived so as to not attract roaches, so Quavi did have to fully empty quite a few potties. *End Alert*

It didn't all go perfectly. Mary spent a lot of time waiting to be taken out of her crib. Cause the nanny would get bored and actually leave.

Yep, another want to read to a child!

Wowie and little Linsey is the first to be potty trained in any of my attempts at the toddler mania challenge.
Quavi: That is due to her superior DNA. She will be an excellent contributor to the mission.
Wonderful, but that's not what we are here for.

Wow another potty trained tot!!!!

Quavi even had some down time to give Linsey...
Quavi: My best child.
...ummm, yeah, to give her a bath.

Phil got potty trained!!! Wait, what is that in the background? A wolf! Eeek, Quavi has constant fears of having them around!

And Timi gets potty trained!

Quavi, what happened? What's wrong?

It's back!!! And he sent him plummeting into deep red!

Wen do you want this one for your Quavi scrapbook or something? I hope he gets better soon, we're nearing the end.

Look a platinum plumbob! Quick grow up Linsey!
Quavi: My precious spawn has grown up well.
Yes she did. And with 5, count them 5 charisma points!

Brian joins the potty trained tots!

As does Brad!

No way, he's in platinum too. Time to grow up Brad! Not to be out done by his favored sibling, Brad also got 5 charisma skills!

Hey Shelly's in platinum too, quick! Oh no, it faded, oh well, she still grew up well. 4 charisma for Shelly.

Timi is platinum too!

Yes, she made it in time! 5 charisma for her too! This is unbelievable!

Now the time is really up as the tots start to grow up on their own. Man I neglected Brian again, forgot to crop this picture! Sorry little man. He grew up well with 5 charisma.

Same for Phil.

And finally Mary grew up well bringing this puppy to an end. She had 4 in charisma. Do you know who she is yet?

Let's look at points:


1. +3 points for each toddler skill (potty, walk, talk) each toddler learns (max 63 pts) 21 (all 7 were potty trained, that's all though)
2. +3 points for each toddler that grows up well (determined by the memories of the parent)
21 (they all did)
3. +1/2 point for each skill point earned by all toddlers 16.5 (33 skills)
4. +3 points for each toddler that ages to child in platinum (stacks with growing up well) 9 (3 did)
5. -2 points for each use of the Energizer painting -10 (5 uses, it was VERY helpful)
6. -2 points each time you hire a nanny -4 (2 nannies)
7. +1 point each time a nanny pees herself 0
8. -5 points each time your parent passes out from exhaustion 0
9. -5 points for each visit from the Sim Therapist -5 (darn wolf)
10. -1 point for each baby bottle you delete from buy mode 0
11. -5 points if you use moveobjects to move any sim for any reason 0

Basic Scorring Total 48.5

The kids were grown to teen and then sent to college.

Where they were added to the YA townie pool for Prosperity Point.

One last look at Wen, I mean Mary. Crap I gave it away. But you knew already didn't you?


Twoyys4me said...

Wow Rachel! Amazing job! I'd never have picked a Fortune Sim but it looks like you hit the jackpot!
Great looking Sims, Quavi really came through- he can maybe add that to his 'mission accomplished' file.
I never figured SimWen until the end... what a cutie toddler she made.. :)
Some great tips there- I'm a 'hackless' player but the other tips will be helpful should I play it again.

QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow great job! How did you manage... thanks for the tips. The potty training one doesn't work for me though. The parent still stands there until the kid gets off the potty. Ah well, those tips sure are helpful.

Awesome challenge! Love Wen... definately recognized her in the last photo before you even said it...

ruby said...

Great tips, well done and wicked great score.
Actually I recognized Wen earlier after the second time you asked if we knew who it was. I think it helps that I had her in my failed challenge and well she has the beauty mark *g* dead give away!